Web Dumper

Web Dumper 3.4

Download entire websites for offline viewing
Copies all the pages, elements, links and folder structures from a website and stores them locally on your computer. Additional features include incremental downloading capabilities.

Web Dumper is intended to download full websites and make them available offline. This comes in particularly handy when you do not have 24-hour Internet access or need to save bandwidth. The tool has a straightforward interface; and, although there are multiple configuration settings, most of the times you can start using the product without changing the default parameters. In such case, you can start by providing a URL pointing to the site.

The program supports downloading HTML pages as well as other types of contents, including but not restricted to documents, images, media and binary files. Luckily, it is supposed to preserve the original folder structure while restructuring links to make the downloaded sites easier to navigate.

One of the main advantages of this tool is that it lets you decide what to download and how to do it. In this respect, you can pick the desired file types, specify a file size limit, set folder depth level and enable link restructuring. Likewise, you can configure a proxy server different from that of the whole system and manage bandwidth restrictions.

All in all, Web Dumper can certainly crawl a complete site to find links to internal and external contents. It can download the desired contents without distorting them at a reasonable speed. However, it not always preserves the original folder structure. The product is free to try, but I must alert you that the unpaid version has severe limitations.

Pedro Castro
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  • Downloads multiple types of contents
  • Restructures file links
  • Highly customizable


  • Does not always preserve the original folder structure
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